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There are many great reasons to join DAD INC. — Your team, our team, we are all in!

In addition to providing, you with a wide array of tools and education, our ignite workshops are conducted by educated and seasoned leaders with years of experience helping fathers improve their lives. We work in conjunction with local professionals and organizations in the area to bring you the best education and workshop opportunities available.

Become More Involved With Your Kids

Whether you are raising kids on your own, seeking to co-parent with an ex-spouse, or just looking for a way to be more present in your family members’ lives, our ignite workshops can help you learn how to create more meaningful, respectful, and healthy relationships with your kids and family. Developing a good relationship with your kids while they are young can set them up for healthier relationships as they mature into adulthood.

Find Better Odds for Job Success

The search for employment can at times be brutal. There are many factors that may affect your ability to find a job. Our team can help you acquire the tools needed to not successfully find a job but flourish in your career as an employee to your employer and caregiver to your children.

Gain Tools To Overcome Physical and Mental Health Challenges

Sometimes the challenges dads face in their personal lives are the obstacles that keep them from being the best version of themselves. DAD INC. offers resources for overcoming these challenges, including mental health issues, substance abuse and physical limitations. If you aren’t sure where to turn for help, we can offer solutions or point you in the right direction.

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