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Employment Services

We can all benefit from career advice. Whether you have extensive work experience, just beginning, or in need of a career change, our employment services are here to coach you through the process and planning.

It all begins with our Coordinator Team. Your coordinator will guide you through a variety of employment, education, and support services. They will assist you in identifying your immediate and long-term employment goals. Alongside our Career Coach, this team can assist in immediate job and professional development opportunities.

Coaching Includes:

  • Resume development
  • Interviewing skills
  • Employment opportunities
  • Career advancement information
  • Internships and other job training programs

This service is just one component of our all-inclusive workshop that is FREE to all dads. Don’t delay! Speak with a Coordinator to begin a career plan and set yourself up for success.

To start, fill out the registration form above.

You can also call us or text your questions, (702) 707-7646.

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