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Staff & Volunteer Resources

Dad’s are our passion. Equipping is our mission. To learn more about our work, please read or view the available resources. Please share these resources to help spread our mission. 

DAD INC Workshop Flyer
Workshop Flyer, English, 2023.
DAD INC Workshop Flyer in Spanish
Workshop Flyer, Español/Spanish, 2023.
Workshop Flyer Veterans
Workshop Flyer, Veterans, 2023.
DAD INC Financial Workshop Flyer
Financial Workshop Flyer, English, 2023.<br>

Passcode: money,  Wednesdays at 6:00 PM

DAD INC Workshop Start Dates
Workshop Start Dates Printout, 2023.

Got the jitters? Here’s what to expect at our workshops.

A place where dad can be a dad.

Your situation may be unique. We cover all types of dads. Give us a call and find out who.

Feel like you’ve run out of options? You now have a choice, backed up by a team that will love on you.

Be the change and allow others to enjoy the benefit of a great dad.

What is all the excitement about?

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