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“There aren’t very many programs out there like yours,”

was this year’s reoccurring statement. Undoubtedly, numerous service organizations throughout Nevada strive for excellence. We know. We have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the finest organizations this past year. Truly, it’s an honor to join the effort to serve and witness communities change for the greater good.

DAD INC is here to ignite passion and impact fatherhood.

Year one was a year of discovery. As a new service organization in Clark County, part of our focus was to grant dads an opportunity to be heard, understood, and valued. The public’s response has been vast and highly positive. Here is a highlight from one of our 107 graduates, alumni, Kevin Treider, 21’ as he shares about his journey with his daughter.

As we prepare to ignite into year two, we’re looking forward to the grand opening of “The Learning Center.” We anticipate this 4000 sq. ft. facility will continue to provide an encouraging environment to dads. It will also provide a place where fathers of all backgrounds can gain the advantage of discovering, restoring, and reclaiming fatherhood—for the greater good of their communities.

If you’ve been in partnership with us this past year, “Thank you!Your time and energy contribute to our overall success to equip dads. With your ongoing support, we can continue to make a lasting impact through a collaborative effort.

If you’ve considered our workshop, or are new to our organization, we would appreciate the opportunity to meet in-person or on Zoom.

All the best,


Workshop Flyer, English

Workshop Promotional Flyer, English

Download a printable flyer in English. A Spanish version is available. Visit our Workshop Promotional Items page to download.

Promotional Items Page

A resource page with printable downloads. Promotional items available: English, Español (Spanish), 11×17 poster. You can also download a flyer for the financial workshop.

Registration is Now Open!

Our 2022 Workshops kick-off on January 6 and 8. Enjoy the convenience of online registration. Our team is ready to assist you!

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